Transnational American Studies

My work in transnational American studies contextualizes cultural production of the United States within a global context, recognizing how global cultures influence American literature and visual culture, and vice-versa. It also includes work in African American and Asian American, often in a comparative fashion. I have written on work by African American writers, including Ishmael Reed, Paul Beatty, Nella Larsen, W.E.B. Du Bois, George Schuyler and Octavia Butler as well as on work by Asian American writers, including Lawson Inada, Maxine Hong Kingston, and Frank Chin.

Given the interdisciplinary nature of American studies, I have also examined the photography of James Van Der Zee, the art of Jacob Lawrence and iona rozeal brown and films that range from indie films such as Ping Pong Playa to franchises such as The MatrixI.