KPopCulture is an Omeka-based digital humanities project that curates modern Korean popular music (K-pop) through digital collections of music, choreography and fan activity.

Sample Exhibits

UP10TION debuted in 2015 and features 10 members. This large group is gaining popularity for their execution of complex dance moves with precision. UP10TION takes advantage of its large numbers in its choreography with dynamic formations and quick transitions between dance moves. Choi Youngjoon, who also choreographed Shinhwa’s “Sniper” and Seventeen’s “Mansae,”is the choreographer behind “Attention” and “So Dangerous.” Find out more with the Revised UP10TION Dance Collection exhibit!

exo_exol We Are One! EXO::EXO-L is the first fandom profile for my iFans project. Like the profiles to follow, it provides information on K-pop groups and their fandoms, including curated cover songs, cover dances and fan projects by fans. Fans of EXO are called EXO-L. EXO-L stands for EXO-Love. In English, ‘L’ is the letter between ‘K’ and ‘M’, which symbolizes that the fanclub and the two sub-units of the group are one. The fanclub’s color is white. Click here to check it out!

essentials_shinhwa The ‘Essentials” series is part of my digital humanities project, KPopCulture, which curates the music,  choreography and fan culture of K-pop that support this global cultural production. Formed in 1998, Shinhwa creates dance-pop songs infused with a balance of R&B and hip-hop featuring their three vocalists and three rappers. Their music videos often featured striking visuals that accompanied the music.  The first ‘Essentials’ exhibit is, fittingly, on Shinhwa, the longest-running K-pop group with its original members. Click here and enjoy!